Spice up your recipes with our Mustards

Star Anise and Pink Peppercorn Mustard (2007 Gold Medal winner)
Spread lightly on salmon steaks before cooking in foil.
Fabulous with smoked salmon!
Mix a little with your cheese sauce for cauliflower or macaroni cheese.
Mix with butter and chill. Just before serving steaks top with this spiced butter.
Mix into mashed potato topping for fish pie.
Mix with Greek Yoghurt for a delicious cold sauce.
Mix with mashed potato and celeriac to accompany venison sausages.

Cajun Mustard (2008 Gold Great taste Award Winner)
Lightly smear on chicken pieces or pork chops before grilling.
Stir through fried rice
Add to mashed potato topping for shepherds pie.
Add a spoonful to bread mix and the result is a really tasty bread that is fabulous served with soup.

Deli mustard (2008 Gold Great taste Award Winner)
Mix with butter to top a jacket potato.
Bind with grated cheese for a tasty Welsh rarebit.
Spread over lamb chops before grilling.

Cardomom Mustard
A fabulous alternative to English mustard.
Smear on a joint of beef before roasting or barbequing.
Add to the mashed potato topping of a cottage pie.
Add to a cheese sauce to pep up maccaroni or cauliflower.
Stir into a beef casserole.